Space travel has came along way in the past thirty years. It was no more than fifty years ago that putting a man in space was unheard of. After that was accomplished our goal was to place a man on the moon. That was accomplished and we are now trying place a man on a permanant space station. What are some possible future goals of our space program?

The Task:

Answer the following questions as background research for a one page summary of American space travel.  The paper will include some history, current issues and possible future endevours of the space program for the United States. 

The Process:

You will work in small groups (2-3) on this Webquest. You will submit one paper per group. 

  • One person will be responsible for the history of space travel.
  • Another person will be responsible for the current space program.
  • All other in the group will work on their thoughts of futuristic space travel.
  • You will need to include pictures or drawings of the spacecraft you write about.


The following is a list of Internet resources that can be used to complete this project. In addition to the Internet links below you can use any book or magazine in your classroom or library to help you gather information.


General Space Exploration Information

Have we accomplished anything in 30 years of space travel?

Possible vehicles for futuristic space travel.



Your project will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Is your report clear and concise?
  • Did you accurately include all the information requested?
  • Are drawings and photographs clear and used appropriately for the subject?
  • Did you follow all instructions provided in class about how to write your report?