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PowerPoints and more!

Topographic Maps and Profiling Energy Transfer Altitude of Polaris changes with latitude
Physical Properties of Minerals (Wells) STATION MODELS Latitude, Longitude and Time Zones
ROCKS! 2004 & 2005 Hurricane Seasons  Planetary motion
NY Metamorphic rocks (Orgonik) Weather Fronts (ppt) Kepler's Laws - Animations on Ellipses & Eccentricity
Weathering & Soils

Hurricane tracking website website

Big Bang, Galaxies & Stars
Tombstone Weathering. A tour of Huntington's cemetary Hurricane Development (ppt) The Moon
Erosion by gravity, running water, currents, and wind Why do clouds form? (ppt) Rotation & Revolution
GLACIERS (Wells) Water Cycle flash quiz Direction of Sunrise
Caumsett Field Trip Clouds, Air masses, & Fronts (ppt)  
Plate Tectonics    
Sumatran Earthquake and Tsunami    
Plate boundary Tour    
Geologic History (ppt)    
Radio-Active Decay    
Virtual Earthquake   Sun's Path Website  
NYS Landscapes   Coriolis Clip
Evidence of Continental Drift   Life Cycles of stars
    Lunar Eclipse
    Celestial Objects seen from the Southern Hemisphere (website)

















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