10/1:  STUDY and work on the castlelearnings.

10/2:  TEST DAY!  plus www.castlelearning.com; Lab Density for Chocoholics lab(per 5/6 will finish in lab class on Friday & per 4/5 will complete in lab class on Monday 10/5)

10/5:  Chocoholics lab due for period 4/5. 

10/6:  Introduce yourself to the ESRT worksheet

10/9:  Quiz day!  Density of Solids lab due. 


10/16:  www.castlelearning.com lat/long/shape of the earth

10/23:  TEST DAY!  The test will focus on topographic maps, latitude, longitude & time zones, but it will also have on it older material such as density, layers of the earth, Polaris and anything else from September on is fair game.    Complete www.castlelearning.com contours for HW this week to prepare for the topography part of the test.

10/26:  Hurricane tracking lab due.

10/30:  www.castlelearning.com unit 2 review. 











Oct '08:

For Thursday Oct 2:  Hurricane tracking lab due.  To be completed by the end of class.

For Friday Oct 3:  www.castlelearning.com  assignment on lat/long/size&shape of the Earth. 

For Friday Oct 10:  Guided Reading of Topic Two from the review book. 

For Wednesday Oct 15:  www.castlelearning.com assignment on topographic maps -- contours.

For Friday 10/17:  TEST!

For Wednesday 10/22:  Have the progress report signed by your parent/gaurdian.  Also, the lab, density of regularly shaped solids is due. 

For Friday 10/24:  QUIZ day!

For Monday 10/27:  www.castlelearning.com assignment:  structure of the Earth & density.  In class we will finish the Density of Fluids lab.

For Tuesday 10/28:  Density of Fluids lab is due.

For Wednesday 10/29:  Vocabulary quiz on minerals.  Know the definitions for Mineral, Crystal Structure, Inorganic, Cleave, Fracture, Moh's Hardness Scale, Hardness, Streak, & Color. 

For Friday 10/31:  Halloween!  Quiz Day -- Minerals!  Castlelearning assignment quarterly review due by Thursday of next week. 

QUARTERLY EXAM on 11/6 or 11/7 depending on your lab schedules.  It's a two period test!