3/4:  Virtual Earthquake Lab is due.

3/5:  quiz day.  complete topic 12 guided reading.

3/12:  www.castlelearning.com -- geologic history intro.  QUIZ DAY -- know how to read pp.8&9 of the ESRT and relate the information from the maps on pp.2&3 to pp.8&9.  Also, we're starting to add review questions on each quiz.

3/19:  TEST DAY!  Geologic history & topic 13.  www.castlelearning.com assignment -- geologic profiles & timelines.  Be sure to complete the lab on interpreting geologic profiles.























For Thursday 3/1:  Plot all the volcanoes and earthquakes on the world map for the Crustal Plates lab.  You do not need to answer the questions at home, you will have class time to work on them.  You need to plot the volcanoes and earthquakes on this world map.

For Friday 3/2:  QUIZ DAY!  The quiz will be on Plate Tectonic Theory.  Know the different type of plate boundaries, how to use p.5 of the ESRT, evidence for continental drift, and sea floor spreading.  And, if you haven't plotted the volcanoes and earthquakes -- do so!  If your plot of the earthquakes and volcanoes was incorrect or not very neat hear is a link for a new world map .

For Monday 3/5:  Complete the Dynamic Crust Worksheet #2 (sorry, this is not on a computer file, so don't lose the copy you were given in class).  Also, take pictures of the lunar eclipse Saturday evening.  Bring in the jpeg or the negative to receive extra credit.  Don't use your cell phone camera.

For Tuesday 3/6:  Complete side one of the Plate Tectonic Model ditto. 

For Wednesday 3/7:  Get your progress report signed and finish the questions on the Crustal Plates lab if you haven't already turned it in.

For Thurs & Friday (3/8 & 3/9):  Make sure you complete the Crustal Plates lab.  STUDY!  BIG Quiz on Friday.  The quiz is on plate tectonic theory -- all types of plate boundaries, convection in the mantle, hot spots, subduction zones, sea floor spreading, etc ... 

For Tuesday 3/13:  Practice Profiles A & B from ditto and practice regents questions 110 and 111 on sequencing intrusions.

For Wednesday 3/14:  Practice Profiles C & D.  List all the events that took place to create those profiles.

For Thursday 3/15:  none

For Friday 3/16:  Quiz day!  Study geologic profiles.  Know the rules / guidelines to interpret geologic history.  Also, complete the practice sheet you got in class as a study guide.

For Monday 3/19:  Bring in your review book!  Color co-ordinate pages 3 and 8 of your ESRTs.

For Tuesday 3/20:  Complete all the guided reading questions for topic 13.  You already have the first page done from last week, and in class on Monday you should have been able to get a lot of it done.

For Thursday 3/22:  Write a short paragraph on how your grouped functioned.  What did your lab group do well and what could it have done better.  The Geologic Timeline lab must be complete.  Remember, in addition to the model, you (individually) need to write a summary of how your model works.  Basically, how did you and your group members figure out where to place marks of the events on your model.  Show the math calculations.

For Friday 3/23:  QUIZ!  Know geologic time and how to read p.8&9 of your ESRT's.  Be sure you can connect NYS geology map & landscape regions to the geologic history chart.

Wednesday  3/28:  TEST DAY!  study your notes.  Know everything in Topic 13!  Know geologic sequencing -- superposition, cross-cutting, original horizontality, etc... Know geologic time and Faunal Succession.  Know radio-active decay and half-life (it's all about the parent/daughter ratio).