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Hurricanes  & Weather

Local Weather & Astronomical Information

University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Great site for satellite imaging animations

Could it happen in NY? Nat'l Geographic Article about Katrina Hurricane Preparedness
Lat/Long/Pressure Data of Katrina Two articles from 2001 and 2004 regarding hurricane threat to New Orleans NOAA Hurricane Satellite Images
Weather Maps:  Unisys AMS DATASTREME Hurricane Tracking Data
National Hurricane Center      Hurricane Archives How stuff works - Hurricanes Hurricanes for Kids
Jetstream Online.  Good weather website    



NASA:  The ultimate astromony page  Cornell University's Astronomy Course:  Great for stellar evolution and parallax LOOK TO THE SKIES:  Mr. Russo's page.  The former planetarium guy at Packard.
  Oregon University Astronomy course:  notes and animations of spectrospecy, planetary motion, and doppler effect. Powers of ten:  A cosmic Voyage
NASA's planet hunt in spanish Celestial motions of the Southern Hemisphere SKYWISE CARTOONS



Geology of the NYC region    


General Miscellaneous Stuff

Make your own graph paper Earth Science world image bank Science animations
Animation activities Resources for Earth Science Instruction -- Great Animations  
Other NYS Earth Science Teacher websites