9/10:  Signed welcome to Earth Science handout

9/14:  Lab #1:  Science is like a puzzle.

9/18:  Quiz Day:  Observation, Inferences, Change, Shape of the Earth, & Hurricanes.

9/23:  Lab #2:  Altitude of Polaris  complete the graph and conclusion paragraph.  AUTUMN BEGINS!

9/25:  www.Castlelearning.com Size & Shape of the Earth (25 questions) & Eratosthenes (5 questions)  Quiz Day:  proof of Earth's shape and measurement of it's size plus, material from week 1 & 2. 

9/29:  Get your progress report signed!

10/1:  Density for Chocoholics lab.

10/2:  TEST DAY!  plus www.castlelearning.com Structure of the Earth.
















September '08 HW:

Friday 9/5:  Signed Welcome to Science handout.

Monday 9/8:  Science is like a puzzle lab

For Tuesday 9/9:  Write one paragraph about the inference you made from your hurricane observations.

For Wednesday 9/10:

For Thursday 9/11:  Table of change

For Friday 9/12: 

For the week of 9/15 through 9/19:  Three assignments:  1st - www.castlelearning.com assignment observation and inference 2nd - Finish the Altitude of Polaris lab (Polaris PowerPoint fieldtrip) & 3rd - Bring in $9.50 for the review book

For Tuesday 9/23:  Complete the guided reading packet for topic 1 of the review book.  The answers are here!

TEST FRIDAY 9/26:  Study both quizzes, review topic one reading, know latitude, longitude, time zones, Polaris, direct, inverse, cyclic relationships, dynamic equilibrium, measurements, observations & inferences ... everything from day 1. 

For Friday 10/3:  castle learning lat/long/size & shape.