11/5:  Have progress report signed.

11/6:  No quiz on this Friday :)

11/10:  TEST DAY!  Everything taught so far.  Also, complete the www.castlelearning.com assignment to review and prepare for the test.  Good luck!

11/12:  Mineral lab due.

11/13:  Geo-tour lab due.

11/20:  www.castlelearning.com  igneous rocks.  Quiz on Igneous rocks.

11/30:  Enjoy your Thanksgiving!  No castlelearning assignment this week.  You do need to complete the "What are Sedimentary Rocks" packet -- Aim #8. 











in 08'

For Thursday 11/6:  Complete the castlelearning assignment "quarterly review."  If you score above a 90% +7pts on your exam, if you score an 80% +5pts, if you score an 70% +3pts. 

Thursday 11/6 or Friday 11/7:  QUARTERLY EXAM! 

Monday 11/10:  Mineral lab due

Friday 11/14:  Geo-Tour lab due

Friday 11/21:  castlelearning assignment on igneous rocks due.