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Observation, Inference & ChangePractice Problems

Earth's Size & Shape Practice Problems

Layers of the Earth 

Density, Percent Deviation, & Composition of the Earth

Latitude, Logitude, & Time Zones  Review the PowerPoint Practice Problems

Topography & Profiling  PowerPoint

Minerals  PowerPoint

Introduction to Rocks

Igneous Rocks  PowerPoint on all types of rocks.

Sedimentary Rocks   PowerPoint on all types of rocks.

Metamorphic Rocks  Guiding reading answers to Topic 11 from the review book -- a great study guide.  PowerPoint on all types of rocks.  PowerPoint on the metamorphic rocks of NYS.

Weathering & Soils  PowerPoint.  Note sheet to go with the PowerPoint Answer key for the note sheet.

Erosion by Gravity & running water   PowerPoint  Topic 9 guided reading notes answer key.

Erosion by wind & ocean currents  PowerPoint (just the last few slides)  Topic 10 guided reading answer key.

Glaciers PowerPointGuided Note sheet to go with PowerPoint.  Guided Note sheet answers. 

Mid-term review and a few miscellaneous topics: Groundwater, Drawing Isolines, and Energy Transfer.

Plate Tectonic Theory  PowerPoint on Continental Drift.  PowerPoint on Plate Tectonics.  Plate Tectonic PowerPoint -- good animations of plate boundaries.

Plate Boundaries & Earthquakes  Virtual Tour of Plate Boundaries PowerPoint.   Topic 12 guided reading answer key

Geologic History  PowerPoint.  Topic 13 Answer key.  Guided notes for PowerPoint.  Interpreting Geologic Profiles note & practice sheet

Cosmology & the Big Bang Theory.  Big Bang Ppt  Spectroscopy lab The Whole Shebang Story & Questions

Stars & Galaxies

Planetary Motion: Geocentric to Heliocentric models, Ptolemy, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, & Newton.   Planetary Motion PowerPoint 

Proof of Rotation & Revolution.

Reasons for the Seasons. Season's worksheet answer keys.  Worksheet #1 Worksheet #2 Worksheet #3 Worksheet #4 Worksheet #5seasons

The Moon, Phases, Tides, & Eclipses PowerPoint

Energy in the Atmosphere - Topic 5 & Greenhouse.  Topic 5 guided reading answer keys:  Period 2/3    Period 6/7  PowerPoint   Topic 6 guided reading answer keys:  Period 2/3    Period 6/7


Station Models & Air Pressure

Week 36:  Moisture in the atmosphere

Week 37:  Synopotic Weather Maps:  Drawing Isotherms & Isobars.

Week 38:  Lab practical review

Week 39:  Written test practice.



Why Earth Science?

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