2/5:  Quiz.  No castlelearning assignment this week!  Interpreting a tectonic map lab is due.

2/9:  If there is a snow day on Wednesday 2/10, complete the boundary lab on your own.

2/13:  Castlelearning -- dynamic crust.

12/22:  If for any reason (snow or otherwise) the boundary lab was not turned in, it is due the moment we come back from break.  NO MORE CLASS TIME WILL BE GIVEN FOR THAT LAB.

2/26:  The snow days disrupted the lessons.  The castlelearning assignment -- dynamic crust has been extended until the week after break.  NOTE:  You will also, have to complete a second castlelearning assignment on locating epicenters this week as well.

2/26:  TEST DAY!  the test will cover plate tectonics and earthquakes.















in '09:

For Wed 2/4:  Complete the "Earth's Interior Worksheet" ditto.

For Fri 2/6:  Quiz on Plate Tectonics.

For Tuesday 2/10:  Bring in your review books.

For Friday 2/13:  www.castlelearning.com -- "Dynamic Crust"

For Monday 2/23:  Virtual Earthquake lab quiz.  Virtual Earthquake:  Epicenter and Magnitude. You may need to disable your pop-up blocker program to get this to work. Be sure to print out the certificate when you've finished the quiz.

For Tuesday 2/24:  Topic 12 guided reading.   

For Friday 2/27:  Quiz on Earthquakes!

Wednesday 3/4:  Test on topic 12!