12/4:  www.castlelearning.com sedimentary rocks.  You'll have one period Wed (12/2)  to work on this too.  Quiz on sedimentary rocks!  Maybe some metamorphic rocks too.

12/10:  Rock Classification Lab Practical.  Know the distinguishing characteristics for all types of rocks. 

12/11:  www.castlelearning.com metamorphic rocks and review.  TEST DAY!  Test will cover everything about rocks & minerals:  Minerals, Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic, and the Rock Cycle.  Topic 11 guided reading from the review book is extra credit. 

12/18:  www.castlelearning.com weathering & soils.  Quiz on weathering.  Physical & Chemical.














Hw in '08:

For Tuesday 12/2 & Wednesday 12/3 & Thursday 12/4:  Bring in your review books.  Topic 11 Guided reading is due on Friday.

For Friday 12/5:  Two assignments due.  1.  Castlelearning -- sedimentary rocks;  2.  Topic 11 guided reading

For Monday 12/8:  Topic 11 guided reading.  We didn't get as much done in class as I had hoped. 

For Wednesday 12/10 or Thursday 12/11 (depending on your lab schedule)  you will have a lab practical exam on the identification of rocks.  Study and know the clues to classify rocks.

For Thursday 12/11:  Castlelearning -- metamorphic rocks. 

For Friday 12/12:  TEST DAY!  The test will cover minerals, igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic rocks and the rock cycle.  Study the answers to Topic 11 guided reading as well as going over your old quizzes on igneous and sedimentary rocks.

For Thursday 12/18:  The physical & chemical weathering lab on cutting up the apple is due.

For Friday 12/19:  Three things:  1) Castlelearning -- weathering & soils.  If you can get it done before the break great.  If you'd rather do it over the vacation that's fine too.  It will be considered late if it is not done by Tuesday January 6th.  2)  Don't forget to get your progress report signed!  And, 3) If you need to re-take the rock ID lab test make an appointment.